Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure that you and your family have a truly memorable experience during your visit to Luggwoods Enhanced Forest. To help you, we’ve put together some information below that is likely to answer some questions that you might have. Have a read of these and if there is anything we haven’t covered, then please contact us and we’ll get back to you with the answer.

Luggwoods is 3km from Saggart Village on the Slade road, just 8km from Tallaght and 20km
from Naas.

There is no bus transport from Saggart village to Luggwoods

CLICK HERE for driving directions to Luggwoods.
Note: Please drive carefully and give time for your journey

Please visit our Covid-19 procedures tab for all information. If you require further information, please
email us on

Our reinvented Luggwoods Woodland Walk of Wonder Santa Visit is a magical stroll along an Outdoor natural forest trail that winds through our breath takingly beautiful Enchanted Forest setting. Let the Luggwoods Elves & fairy tale characters guide the way as you go & meet Santa’s in his new Majestic Forest location! Festive sensations are all around!

Our reinvented Luggwoods Woodland Walk of Wonder  is a magical stroll along an Outdoor natural forest trail that winds through our breath takingly beautiful Enchanted Forest setting. 

Our event includes lots of fun in an amazing natural setting, sing, dance and have fun with the Luggwoods Characters as they help you crack the code for our Easter puzzle. Visit our Luggwoods Mini Petting farm and of course you meet the aster bunny who has a chocolate easter egg for all the boys and girls. 

Note: this event is suitable for kids up to 12 years old)

The Luggwoods Enchanted Forest is an online only booking system. Tickets can be purchased by credit or debit card from our website. Once your transaction is completed, a confirmation email containing your unique booking reference number will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive this email please check your spam/junk folders as it may reside there depending on your email provider


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Tickets range in price for the various options 

To visit the Easter bunny prices are €17.50 for a chid/ €13:50 for an adult 

Babies under 1 – €5:00 – each Baby receives an egg or present from the Easter bunny.

For Our Christmas event we would suggest you give yourself 1 hour from start to finish. 

For our Easter event we would suggest you allow yourself 40-50 minutes. 

Yes, you can buy professional photos at all our events We encourage lots of photos at Luggwoods. Please note that only professional photos are available at the staged photos areas.

Price is €15 for 1 Photo, €25 for 2 Photo’s & €30 for 3

Please dress appropriately during your trip to Luggwoods. You will walk through a real enchanted forest which is outdoor so please wrap up well and ensure to wear appropriate footwear (No high Heels) Wellies / for kids 

Yes you can bring a buggy on the trail. Please be aware that there is a slight incline and decline on the way down

There is a baby changing facility at the reception when you check in but unfortunately through the forest there is no changing facilities available. Also, it will be quite cold as it’s a outdoor event.

Snacks & Drinks will available from a mobile Barista Coffee van unit at the car park area. It provides high end coffee and lots of delicious treats.

Yes, we have free parking for all of our customers, Coaches will need to contact us to arrange space. Where possible please travel as a family to Luggwoods in 1 car as spaces are limited.

Yes there is many high Quality Hotels located near Luggwoods that offer competitive rates. Please contact Hotels direct to book an overnight stay with them.

When you get to Luggwoods Enchanted Forest, our parking attendant will direct you to a suitable car parking spot. If you are early for your time slot you will be asked to wait in your car until your time as you can not check in earlier than 5 minutes before your slot. 

Please ensure you have your tickets on your phone, there is no need to print them as we have a list of attendee’s at the door. 

Once you are checked in the Luggwoods staff will guide you through our event. 

NB please allow for parking time before your event start time by arriving 5 mins before the start time. Please be on time for your event as Covid-19 protocol has made operations challenging for everyone involved.

Luggwoods is wheelchair accessible but please note you do travel through a real forest trail and the surface is uneven and has some uphill/elevated areas which may be difficult for some people to push a wheelchair up. 

If you feel the trail may not be suitable, we will accommodate wheelchair users to go directly to the Log cabin which is very wheelchair friendly. PLEASE contact us to arrange this by email once you have your booking made.

 Your time will be allocated on your ticket. We would advise to only arrive 5 minutes before your trail time slot. We need everyone to help ensure the event runs smoothly by trying their very best to be on time. Please ensure to bring your tickets on your phone. NB: Its is very important that you arrive on time for your time slot, failing to do so could result in you missing your slot.

Please try arrive 5 minutes before your trail time slot, if you are running late and miss your slot, we may be only able to accommodate you on a different date and time. 

Please note: We do not issue refunds for people being late or no shows.

No. Unfortunately, Luggwoods is a ticket only event and is 100% a pre booked system.

Yes, our system is mobile friendly You can book here 

 Yes you can make a group booking through out website. While you can make a group booking and take the walk through the forest with your group unfortunately you won’t be able to go into see Santa as a group and you will have to go in family by family.

You will visit Santa in his log cabin in the Luggwoods Forest but there will be social distancing measures in place. Unfortunately there will be no sitting on Santa’s knee but there is an option to have a family picture with Santa.

We would ask that adults wear masks while checking in at Luggwoods but once you start you walk in the forest you can remove this. We would ask that when you get down to see Santa that parents wear a mask which can be removed for the picture with Santa

If you have to cancel your trip to Luggwoods we will try to accommodate you with a change in date or time, where this is not possible, I’m afraid we will not be issuing refunds. We can issue a credit note which can be used on booking a different event. 

If you cannot attend due to Covid we will reschedule your visit to a more suitable time or again issue a credit note on receiving confirmation of your confirmed Covid Case.

Tickets cannot be refunded unless your event is cancelled by Luggwoods but we will do our best to accommodate you depending on availability.If this is not possible we can issue you a credit note which can be used to book other events. 

 Please contact Luggwoods on 

If the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, then full refunds will be issued.  However, if the event is running and you cannot attend due to bad weather then Luggwoods will not be in a position to refund you

Please check your spam/trash as they may have been directed to that. If you still have not received then please contact Luggwoods on 

You do not need to print your ticket. Once you have a copy of your tickets saved to your phone we can check you in on arrival.

You can do this by purchasing an additional ticket for your time slot.

If the time slot is sold out please contact Luggwoods at  We will do our best to accommodate where possible, however this is very challenging due to Covid-19 procedures.

The charges are levied on us and pay for credit/debit card processing and all other costs associated with the ticket transaction

This is a change by the ticketing company and Luggwoods do not receive any of this money. We have negotiated the best with can with them for our customers.

Yes at Luggwoods we allow pets in our event once they are on a lead and fully managed by the owners at all times. We insist that pets are managed at all times while in attendance to prevent stress to wild animals which may be on site as it is a nature Forest setting.

This year, you will be able to rearrange your booking yourself. All you need to do to be able to do this is able to log into your account and do the following:

  1. Under “My Orders” click “View All” and select the order you need to change
  2. Once the order is selected, you just need to click “Move dates” and this will open the rebooking UI
  3. You will then be presented with the option to move your booking date. You can either move to another timeslot on the same day or move your booking to a new day altogether
  4. Once you are satisfied with your selection, you will then be prompted to select the ticket type you need to exchange to
  5. After you have confirmed the selection, the new tickets will show in your account under “Orders”

Note: The options for your bookings are indicated on the booking UI with three colours, green, yellow and red. These options are:

Green: Available for rebooking, either at the same time or another time

Yellow: Available for rebooking, but at a different time

Red: Not available for rebooking