Luggwoods Covid-19 Procedures

At Luggwoods we take the safety of our participants and staff as our highest priority. We will be practicing high level Covid-19 preventive measures at all times to ensure that our event is safe, comfort & suitable for people of all ages. We have taken the current Covid-19 situation into consideration throughout every aspect of the planning, design and the onsite daily operation of our event. We are confident that we have found the right balance to keep us all safe but to also keep that same Luggwoods Magic in place.


As always at Luggwoods we take on board the input of our participants & supporters on any matter and help accommodate whenever possible.


Please see the list of procedures that we have in place during our Christmas event.


  • Outdoor – Our event is an outdoor walking trail event that is partly covered. Therefore, the risk of Covid transfer is dramatically reduced in comparison to any indoor event.


  • Complete reinvention of our event – – We have completed re-invented how our event runs to ensure the safety & comfort of all involved. Our event is now an outdoor walking event, so no train and no indoors/barns. We have rethought how we do things and it may be our best event yet! Outdoor & open air but still Personal & Magical. Don’t worry we will make sure you are kept sheltered along the Majestic trail route.


  • Family group – We are running our event with a family group system which reduces the amount of interaction with other people from outside of your family pod.


  • Reduced capacity – We have a reduced capacity on all time slots to ensure the safety and comfort of all our participants & staff.


  • New way to meet Santa – The amazing Luggwoods Santa will of course meet families and engage fully as he always has done but this year there will be no sitting on Santa’s knee and Santa will always stay 2m apart. He will not have a face covering on but it is very important for everyone that a safe distance is always kept.


  • Safe distance – Social distance will always be kept by all participants and staff alike throughout the event. We have de-risked this by creating a staggered start time system that will allow groups to stay apart but still feel part of event with other attendees ahead and behind them.


  • Contact tracing record – Contact details will be kept for contact tracing of all groups.


  • Pre- Booking only – Our event is a pre-booked event only. No walk-in entry will be accommodated.


  • One Way System – The event will be conducted in a one-way system therefore reducing the potential for interaction with people from outside your family group.


  • Hand Sanitiser – All participants will use hand sanitiser on entry to the reception area, at multiple points along the trail and upon leaving the Santa greeting area.


  • Reduced Queuing  – Participants will wait in their car until their allotted time slot or the next available time slot that we can accommodate safely. Waiting and Queuing always been something that we aim to minimise at our events. This year we are aiming to have no queuing or wait time.


  • Contactless Check-in – We have a contactless ticketing system in place. Simply present the barcoded ticket we will have emailed you on purchase of same (on your phone or printed) at entry and to receive any pre-booked photos. We will always be on hand to guide you if needs be on the day.


  • Staff will wear face coverings – Face covering/screens will be worn by all staff, excluding Santa who will always be 2m apart from all people.


  • Staff Covid procedures in place – We have invested in the education & training of all our staff and have put many strict procedures in place including: Designated Covid officers on site at all times, Daily declaration protocol, Temperature checks, Full behaviour training, Daily checks & inductions, hand sanitation Protocols, face coverings, social distance protocols, Continual risk assessment, cleaning & facilities sanitation protocol, action plan in place for notification of sick staff members, Travel protocols, staggered arrival & break times, no shared items policy, strict phone policies and many more protocols to ensure the safety of everyone one involved.